Mustapha ECHCHIHAB Operations Manager

"I joined the company founded by my brother in 1985. I am in charge of quality assurance, quality control, and social audit. Together with my technicians and inspectors, we make sure our customers will get only goods that meet their requirements"

Youssef ECHCHIHAB Founder & CEO

"I believe in doing business acting with integrity and honesty, respecting our custumers, our own staff, and our suppliers – Every effort we do is directed towards meeting our costumer’s needs"

MALIKA KAWRAM Deputy Quality Manager

"As a deputy quality Manager my only one concern is to carry out with my team in the right manner all necessary inspections and checks at all steps of sampling and production to ensure zero claim from our customers"


Youssef echchihab


malika kawram

Quality Deputy Manager

Mustapha echchihab

Quality and HR Manager



  • Rakia
  • Touchen

Social Audit

  • Abram
  • Ayad


  • Sedki
  • Brahim
  • Razika
  • Ayad
  • Aicha
  • Mohamed
  • Jalil
  • Rabii


  • Ismail
  • Mourad


Sales Manager



  • Souad
  • Amina
  • Laila
  • Kawtar
  • Sihame
  • Latifa
  • Samira


  • Fenjar
  • Rachid


  • Zarouk
  • Hicham
  • Boudili
  • Zahra

circular knit

  • Sanaa
  • Faiz
  • Hassan


1983 Signature of our first contrat as buying agency with 3 SUISSES France : Second largest mail order company in France.

1985 HYPERALLYE (France) and SARMA PENNEY (Belgium), appointed our agency as their representatives in Morocco.

1986 ALIACO set up it's first data processing system (Hardware + Software)

1987 ALIACO organized a visit to Morocco for Mr EMMANUEL D'ANDRE C.E.O or 3 SUISSES accompanied by his top management.

1989 ALIACO started business with KIABI France (Retail).

1990 ALIACO started business with JC PENNEY major american dpt stores and welcomed in Casablanca Mr David MILLER C.E.O accompanied by his top mangagement.

1994 ALIACO organised in Lille France a large promotion of exports, with 15 moroccan manufacturers.

1996 ALIACO set up a new structure specialized in C.M.T business APPROMAN, and opened a french antenna in Lille.

1997 ALIACO signed with new customers such as : OTTO Hamburg Germany, the world largest mail order company, BON PRIX Hamburg Germany, GINKANA (Spain), VENCA (Spain), CAMAIEU (France), LA BLANCHE PORTE (France)

1999 ALIACO welcomed in Casablanca Mr Patrick MULLIEZ C.E.O of KIABI.

2002 ALIACO organised the first edition of the annual GALA for reliability trophees.

2003 ALIACO celebrated it's 20 years partnership with 3 SUISSES and invited the top management of 3 SUISSES to a somptuous party in Casablanca with around 500 guests.

2005 China is no longer under Quotas system. Moroccan market and Aliaco had to change their startegy to differentiate themselves from low price markets. ALIACO has become fast fashion specialist setting out several creative collections per season and handling fast track orders.

2008 Years of crisis have been crossed over by the apparel Moroccan industry due to the rush of customers to China.

2009 ALIACO lost some market shares but could build up a strong image as creative agency and quick response market.

2011 A huge increase in cotton prices, a substantial raise in chinese’s prices, together with many troubles with Asian markets forced European retailers reviewing their sourcing policy. They shifted a part of their volumes to closer markets such as Turkey,Morocco,Egypt, and Tunisia. ALIACO took advantage of this new situation and recorded a high increase of turnover especially with the german market.

2012 ALIACO contracted with 2 new french customers : QUELLE FRANCE and DAMART International

2013 ALIACO started cooperation with KLINGEL Germany.

2014 ALIACO signed an agency agreement with the german leading group: METRO and started acting as a sole agent for new customers: GALERIA KAUFHOF dept stores- REAL hypermarkets - ADLER-

2015 ALIACO has a diversified customer base composed of 20 clients from 5 countries: France- Germany- USA- Spain- Switzerland.

2016 ALIACO rolled out a new ERP: Software allegro B.
ALIACO implemented digital technical files with oo drive tool.